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You Are watching Boku no Hero Academia Episode 11. Episode 11 in the TV Anime Series Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia.



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  • F0RW3R

    6 days 23 hours 16 min

    • Oxikron

      6 days 23 hours and 16 min to long to wait

  • Platinum

    when you finish episode 10 so you come here

    • Silvia

      Yeah, lol

  • boooo



    3 days .. 1 hour .. 49 min

  • Mysterious Wombat

    2 days 23 hours 45 mins

  • midoriya.chan

    2 day 13 hours 13 min …

  • midoriya.chan

    i can’t wait

  • Digmonboyguy123 ____

    When we need this anime

  • midoriya.chan

    1 day 19 hours 50 min .. i can’t wait

  • OtakuNo:138
  • hussein lalee

    where is the latest episode

    • hussein lalee

      Episode 11 should be out today its Sunday what happened

  • nico

    when you thought the ep was out and you got ready to watch it but theres 19 hours left

  • midoriya.chan

    18 hour

  • Just Richard


  • iCream

    3 Hours 18 Minutes!!

  • yicecrew

    omg 1 hour leftt

  • SpaceMicheladatchet ‘
  • SpaceMicheladatchet ‘
  • Nikola Nikolov

    just 1h left i have a feeling i have a Dio cast on me

  • Lunatic

    When you been waiting all week and it still ain’t out yet. Yeah thats me.

  • sEiLeNs3
  • Austin Sumners (Deku Midoriya)

    It’s almost time!

  • iCream

    6 MINUTES!!

  • Eispacket

    40 sec

  • idk

    why i cant?!!!!!

  • yicecrew

    its on 0 wtf

  • iCream

    Why is there no video?

  • Tooth Pick

    Ummm where’s the episode

  • Tooth Pick


  • Kayla Meskell

    When it’s at 0:00:00:0 and its nowhere AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOWFJFUIFNCWGD

  • Hiruko Kagetane

    When the time is up for more than 2 minutes.

  • MyteriousGuy

    refresh the page

  • gr3yshadow


  • sEiLeNs3


  • -Why-

    im cryin

  • idk


  • iCream

    SPOILER: Finally a punch with no broke arm. Good job Midoriya except it didnt do anything

    • Jody Williams

      Assuming that punch actually was. The crow guy is obviously more than he seems.

  • Naughty Deku

    midoriya chan ur so cool in ep 11 u get the hang on ur one for all quirk congratulation 🙂

  • sEiLeNs3

    noooooo its done :((( :D:D::D:D

  • sEiLeNs3

    omg one episode is over 30 min and you shud to wait over 6 days to watch it 😀

  • Anime lover *ask me anything

    And its over… just like that… what to do with my life now… not sure… I had the thought of killing The Doctor and stealing the Tardis so I can go into the future and finish the series… but thats obviously not possible… i guess.. I will go through the torture of patience again :c

    • ThatOneAnimeFan

      You could just ask…I’m sure the Doc has nothing better to do during the off season. Don’t have to kill him ;;

  • Obsis

    Fuck, that was awesome

  • willky flame

    “oh, we’re getting a continue”
    Me: “oh no whats going to…”
    ME: WAIT N…
    *end credits roll*

  • Lucarii

    For all those who won’t be able to wait after this season is over, the manga is at a pretty good part right now 😉

    • deku OP

      I am up to the part where Izuku uses 1,000,000% one for all on that muscle guy…fucking hype

      • Asriel Dreemurr

        wow, fucking rip my anticipation capacity… how can I deal with waiting fir that?

      • Lucarii

        And then it gets even better…. man I love this series so much 😀

  • Asriel Dreemurr

    Ending on 11 got me like

  • CyborgX

    At the end do you think Midoriya used 100% but controlled are like 1% because if it was 1 and he generated that much force to knock the other people down then jesus thats a lot of power

  • Pink

    That door seems to never get closer

  • bjworldstar

    This episode 11 was amazing!! can’t wait for the next Episode..Its getting really good now.

  • yes




  • Dorian Smith


  • -Why-

    Me waiting for new episode like

  • Silverkyo

    Nobody seem to mention that the frog girl Tsu always get molested by that little midget with the purple balls on his head…lol