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Boku no Hero Academia Episode 5 Subbed

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You Are watching Boku no Hero Academia Episode 5. Episode 5 in the TV Anime Series Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia.



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  • Super Awesome Man S.A.M.

    the last one’s got me so hype I want to watch this one now!!!!!

  • Nano Shifter

    All this waiting on going to kill me -_-

  • Digital Deity

    This is gonna be good!

  • Anthony Ciantar

    this is awsome

    • Super Awesome Man S.A.M.

      indeed, wood you like sum tea while we wait.

      • 12GH

        Give me one ~

        • saqar2009

          you should say yes thank you i would like one

      • Toggle_Cast Toggle_Ron

        I am now going to make myself some tea…

  • Super Awesome Man S.A.M.

    we got 2 days left ,common

    f#@k it Im dun

  • Arufabetto No Zetto

    16 hours and 9 minutes T^T Literally cannot wait!

  • Izuku Midoriya


  • Super Derped

    alla akbarr

  • Charlie bakke (crazygamer64)

    4 more hours…

  • Arufabetto No Zetto

    2 hours left omg really wanna watch it now lol
    gonna pee coz of this LOL

  • Hemant

    Half hour remaining yes

  • 12GH

    4 m finally ?

  • Hemant

    1 min left

    • uhh

      It reset…

  • Super Derped

    help guys i got restricted for 15 mins in the chat (haru7kun)

  • John Arbuckle

    This countdown though -.- u srs. came here with 1 min left, then reset to 15 mins, waited 15 mins, now it reset to 20 mins. Such bs im going to sleep, wont be using this website anymore

  • John Arbuckle


  • saqar2009

    its up right?

  • saqar2009

    its up

  • Charlie bakke (crazygamer64)

    its over already ;-;

    • Brendan Toomata Silao

      i know right haha

  • Brendan Toomata Silao

    yay waiting for next ep now

  • Dec


  • GREAT2070

    That was like 5 minutes. This show is soo good.

  • Hichem Zebboudj

    6d21h 51min for the next ep thats too long cant wait

  • Merabinferno

    aww i want more of this

  • Sonic Boom

    I have read the manga and I can’t wait till Ep 7, 8 or 9. Or 8,9 and 10

  • Arufabetto No Zetto

    cant freakin wait for the next episode!!
    still wont read the manga. wanna see it in action!!
    by the way, 6days, 1 hour and 6 minutes remaining! 😀


    Make all the episode dubbed it’s a good anime pleeeeeeee3z

  • Ahnnia


  • Baker’s Bread

    I wonder how many things Uraraka has thrown into space? Honestly she could revolutionize the worlds space programs buy putting anything into space for free with minimal effort! That seems way more important than being hero! She could go into space and fucking release the moon and destroy the ecosystem! OR THE EARTH ITSELF AND KILL EVERYONE! EVEN BY ACCIDENT OR SOMETHING! She is probably the most deadly one if she uses it in the right ways.